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Transform your SME's transactions with our advanced card-swiping machine. Elevate efficiency and accelerate growth with seamless payment processing and dedicated support.

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Revolutionize Your Tradesman Business

Zakhaa originated from an insightful observation by Mr. Teboho Twala while he was immersed in his academic pursuits. He noticed a pervasive challenge among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) — an overwhelming number of these businesses were grappling with an effective mechanism to address customer debt, which in turn hampered their growth and financial stability. Recognizing this gap as a critical barrier to the success and sustainability of SMEs, Mr. Twala envisioned a solution that could transform the landscape of small business operations. Thus, Zakhaa was born, with a dedicated mission to empower SMEs, enabling them to conduct business more efficiently and effectively. By providing tools and resources tailored to overcome the complexities of managing customer debt, Zakhaa stands as a testament to innovation driven by genuine market needs, aiming to foster a more robust environment for small businesses to thrive and expand.


Built for SME's, by Zakhaa

We understand the unique needs of Small businesses, and our solutions are designed to help you manage your finances more effectively. Our services include:

financial inclusivity

Drives financial inclusivity for the unbanked and lower LSMs

Innovates to help small

businesses 'Do Business Differently

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